about us

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.

Henry David Thoreau

Back in the summer of 2013, Carla Butler formed the company Shiny Koala to bring together her various elements of creativity and design. Through the arm of Shiny Koala, she offers various graphic and web design services along with social media consultancy. Under her own name, her artistic and creative skills shine through, from the stunning photography she captures to the skillfully drawn pieces of digital art and illustration.

In early 2014, Carla was made a member of Genuine Jersey, an initiative in Jersey to showcase local talent and their products through the use of the Genuine Jersey mark – "the guarantee of local provenance". Various products and businesses benefit from the Genuine Jersey mark, from the Dairy to potato growers to jewellery makers and artists, and Carla is proud to be one of these.

Having been a traditional artist from an early age, Carla has developed her digital artistic skills over the last 4 years. Her love of photography was not neglected and since her mid-teens, Carla has been creating art using only a camera. Now using several Nikon D-SLRs, Carla has been exploring different areas of photography but never forgetting to capture the stunning beauty that is Jersey. She is currently expanding into more mainstream photography areas such as weddings, portraiture, events, commercial and food.


How long does it take to create a digital image?
Depending on the work, it can take anything from a couple of hours to edit and retouch a photograph to over 10 hours to create and finish a commission piece of digital art.

Why do you use Nikon cameras?
Since a young age, I have always had Nikon cameras and of course it helps that my father and grandfather also both used the Nikon system. Personally, I find that Nikons produce sharper and crisper shots than other makes of camera and I am yet to be convinced otherwise!

Are you available for art or photographic commissions?
Of course! See my contact page for ways to get in touch!

How long have you been creating digital art?
I have been editing and manipulating photos for about the last 9 years however I only started drawing digital art about 4 years ago.

What are your next photographic purchases?
I am looking at buying an ND filter which will allow me to capture some stunning daylight scenes which would not normally be possible, and a fast wide angle lens to start to capture some magical astrophotography shots.

Where do you come up with your ideas/what inspires you?
A lot of my inspiration comes from Anime and especially the Chibi style of drawing. I also love fantasy art such as that by Anne Stokes.

Where can I purchase your work, both your digital art and your photography?
Currently online here on my website and soon in various places around the Island such as The Harbour Gallery in St Aubin.

When drawing on the computer, do you use a tablet or mouse?
I use a tablet for about 80% of the time I am drawing and editing, using a mouse to do the final touch up and edits

Why live in Jersey?
Why not? But seriously, the nature of my work being digital, I can effectively live anywhere in the world, so why not live on a beautiful sunny Island with beaches and landscapes galore? And I adore photographing these scenes!